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How often would you like to receive your coffee?

How much?

You will receive your freshly roasted coffee beans at your door following the frequency and quantity preferences you have chosen. If you still have any doubts, scroll down and take a look at our frequently asked questions!

It is important to note that the coffees included in the subscription service are always roasted to order. Therefore, once payment has been made, your order will be automatically scheduled for the nearest roasting (Monday, Tuesday or Thursday excluding holidays) and you will receive an email once it has left our roastery. This process will be repeated for each subscription renewal that you make 🙂

The subscription is a service through which we will periodically send you a selection of freshly roasted and seasonal coffees while you will pay a regular fee according to your preferences in terms of frequency and quantity. No more complications.

What do you need to know?

  • We offer two types of subscription according to your preferences: the Volume Subscription and the Experience Subscription.
  • Coffees are shipped exclusively in beans and the ground option will not be available.
  • Once you subscribe, your coffee will be processed within the closest roasting date: Monday, Tuesday or Thursday (except holidays) and shipped the next business day.
  • Shipments will be sent periodically with the quantity and frequency you have chosen during the subscription process (biweekly or monthly shipments).
  • Shipping is included in the subscription price for Spain Peninsula.
  • You will be able to edit and cancel your subscription at any time and at no additional cost.
  • The Volume Subscription is intended for high-volume consumers who do not want to run out of caffeine at home in the middle of the month. During the subscription they will receive seasonal coffees ideal for everyday use, which will rotate 5-6 times a year. This format allows you to benefit from a great discount on the price and will be available with Espresso, Filter and Superautomatic profiles.
  • The Experience Subscription aims to surprise and delight those curious about strong emotions in their cup of coffee. Unique limited edition lots that we have carefully selected to combat boredom. These exclusive coffees will be roasted for Filter methods, will have a monthly rotation and you will not find them in our online store.

If you wish to modify your address, change the amount or frequency with which you receive your subscription coffee, or even cancel it, you can do it very easily from your user menu.

To do so, log in with your email and password from the user button located in the upper right corner. Once logged in, look for the 'My subscription' section on the left side, where you can view your basic subscription data. Clicking on the 'View' button will take you to a detailed view of your order where you can defer or cancel your subscription, as well as change your payment method or delivery address in a jiffy.