We are Right Side Coffee

We are a team that started its own path in 2012. What surrounds us affects and inspires us, that's why Barcelona plays an essential role in the way we carry out our professional day to day.

We share with cafes, restaurants, offices or coffee lovers, extraordinary flavors with which to enjoy and rediscover something as everyday as coffee. We understand that we are cooks with only one ingredient. We constantly seek to improve our raw material through direct contact with the producers we work with.

Our effort has defined our roasting technique and has led us to be roasting champions in Spain in all the editions held, or to prepare coffees for the best baristas in our country in recent years. We also have a world semi-finalist in the Aeropress championship.

Joaquin and Lara

Direct contact

It's simple. Teamwork is complex, it requires communication, trust in each other and all that. We have it clear: the result obtained is infinitely superior when all the actors act with transparency and respect and share that vision of depth to improve that personalizes us.

We know the steps our coffee takes before it reaches our roaster. It is important to us that producers receive fair pay according to the quality of our coffee. That is why we do not use stock exchange prices and pay according to the quality of each lot. This means that the producers receive higher prices, in some cases up to 500% if we compare it with the market price.

We have been travelling since 2013 to visit the people who grow our coffees. We have experimented with different methods of fermenting the coffee, also other ways of drying it. With all this experience we have drawn conclusions that we share with our 'fellow producers' to design a defined flavour profile.

This is the path we have chosen to know, discover, improve and rediscover.

Our toaster

We roast coffee weekly on our 1993 Probat L12 machine, whose system we have customised to meet our requirements. To meet the needs of any coffee maker, we roast coffees for filter, espresso or superautomatic methods.

We are known for consistency and high quality. During all these years we have developed a taste identity that characterizes our coffees based on our obsession to improve our roasting technique and to be extremely demanding with the selection of our green coffee.

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