Timemore Grinder Go

This Timemore Grinder Go is a small size professional electric grinder that allows professional coffee grinding with high efficiency. It saves effort and time in grinding and is easy to hold in one hand. It can also be put in your backpack and taken anywhere. The battery comes integrated, no cord plug: it is charged by USB. In addition, the motor has a damping structure that adjusts the coarseness of the grind precisely and clearly.



  • Type of product

    Electric coffee grinder

  • Capacity

    60 gr of coffee (approx.)

  • Size

    22 cm high x 8.6 cm in diameter

  • Weight

    660 g

  • Power


  • Battery

    3.7V800mAh x 2. USB charging: 2 to 3 hours charging time.

  • Voltage


  • Material

    Stainless steel, titanium-coated conical and glass container

  • Color


  • Features

    Dual bearing system. Built-in long-life battery and USB charging. High-precision body and dual-bearing seals.container with lid for storing coffee beans. Automatic turning technique to prevent clogging and protect the grinding wheels and motor. Precise grinding settings for different preparations. Motor with damping structure to adjust the coarseness of the grind with precision and clarity.