NS Mythos One

This grinder with quick grind on demand and micrometric adjustment is specially designed for specialists, professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts. It features a temperature control system, three programmable dosing options, filter holder support and built-in tamper. The burrs are made of titanium to extend their useful life and grind up to 3500 pounds of coffee before requiring replacement. In addition, thanks to the clump crusher technology, all doses are free of lumps and the coffee is evenly distributed.

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  • Type of product

    On-demand grinder for coffee specialists and coffee enthusiasts

  • Dimensions

    215 W x 518 H x 416 mm deep

  • Power

    550W (variable speed) 300W (fixed speed)

  • Voltage


  • Capacity of tova

    2 kg

  • Grinding regulation


  • Productivity (kg/h)


  • Grinding wheels

    85 mm

  • Gross weight (with water)

    24.5 kg/ 54.01lb (variable speed) 23.5 kg/51.8 lb (fixed speed)

  • Net weight (empty)

    21.9 kg/ 48.28 lb (variable speed) 21 kg/ 46.9 lb (fixed speed)

  • Features

    Grinding on demand. Micrometric grinding adjustment. Clump crusher technology. Built-in sifter. Titanium milling cutters with temperature control. Work space illuminated by leds. Multifunction lcd screen. Filter holder support. Three programmable dosing options: on, off and barista mode.