This information generally indicates the name of the farm or the cooperative that we received the coffee from.


These comments from our roasters are meant to give you an impression of the type of flavors you can expect from this particular coffee. They are based on several rounds of flavor evaluation within our quality control program and should help you to make a decision according to your preferences.


Region, country of origin, altitude and important information like processing (fully washed, honey processed, pulped natural, natural etc.) and variety of the Arabica family.


Our coffees are roasted with a light profile and generally work well with any method of extraction. Keep in mind that, to prepare espresso, we recommend to let the freshly roasted coffee rest and de-gas for at least a week. For the more discriminating, we have developed an exclusive profile for filter editions that offers more defined, clean and complex flavors suitable for this type of extraction.


We provide you with the date your coffee was roasted and packed because we consider this information to be more useful to you than the “best before”-date. This way you have more control over the actual freshness of your product.

If you are curious to learn more, the description for each coffee will be enclosed in your order and it will tell you in detail where the coffee you ordered comes from, how it was processed and what it tastes like.