Coffee is a fruit. Each fruit has its harvest season due to the natural growing cycle of the plant. This is affected by circumstances such as the amount of sunlight it receives during the day or something as simple as the rain, triggering the blooming process which in turn is the first step in the production of the fruit.

In Valencia, the famous oranges are harvested in november; the asparagus of Tudela is harvested in march and the rich artichokes of El Prat in january. All of these products taste their very best when they are at their maximum state of freshness during their harvest season.

And what about coffee? Spain, not being a coffee-producing country ourselves (except for the Canary Islands), has to import coffee from the countries that actually grow it in the tropics. The harvest season of coffee depends on the latitude and altitude of its cultivation. In order to stick to the principle of seasonality and to be able to provide you with the freshest coffee possible, our buying strategy at Right Side Coffee is to follow the harvest seasons of coffee around the globe. We have created this harvest calendar to give you an overview of the coffee harvest around the world, so that you can be assured that we always try to provide you with the best quality coffee that is freshly harvested and in-season.