Hario V60 dripper

Hario V60 filter

Glass pitcher





Filtered water



Let’s get ready to rumble!

First, fold the side of the paper filter so that it fits snugly inside your V60. Pour hot water over the filter, soaking it well to remove paper flavors and to heat up your equipment.

Remove the water from the jar. Weigh and grind 12g of coffee and put them into the V60 evenly. It's time to tare your scale with jar and V60 on top of it.

Start the stopwatch and pour in the first 50g of water at 94ºC, slowly and evenly trying to wet all the coffee. This first step is known as "Blooming".

At 0:30, continue with the next 50g of water in a slow, circular motion and then add the last 100g when your stopwatch hits 01:00.

The total time for this recipe should be around 2:00. If you need less time, try to grind your coffee a bit finer and in case it takes longer than 2:00, grind it slightly coarser.

Enjoy your coffee! And do play around a bit until you find your favorite recipe :)