AeroPress paper filter

Pitcher or mug




Stirring spoon


Filtered water



Get ready to brew…Let’s make some coffee!

While heating up your water to 86ºC, weight and grind 20gr of your favourite coffee beans. Preferably set your grinder to medium/coarse (you should play with your grind settings to obtain your favourite grind for this recipe!).

Place the filter in the basket and rinse it with hot water to avoid paper taste.

Then, place the AeroPress in an inverted position and preheat the brewer pouring hot water inside.

When you are ready, empty the water remaining in the AeroPress and add your grinded coffee. Use the funnel that comes with the AeroPress, If it comes in handy for you.

Place the AeroPress into the scale and tare it. Start your timer and pour in 100gr of water and stir the mixture very slowly. Be careful to not create a whirlpool effect!

At 00:30 continue pouring 125gr more of water slowly, until you get 225gr of total weight.

Affix the basket to the bottom of the brew chamber and take off the air pressing down carefully.

At 01:20, turn the AeroPress carefully and place it on the jarr. Press down carefully over 30’’ until you hear a hiss. Stop there.

Voilà, your coffee is ready! Don't hesitate to carry your AeroPress when you travel, it's a perfect way to have a nice cup of coffee wherever you are :)